Funeral Preparation

Preparing the Mass of Christian Burial
As Catholics we turn to the Lord in prayer for courage and comfort in our times of need. The death of a loved one is one of those times. The parish of Old St. Mary is here to support you and pray with you.

The information provided is to assist you in the preparation of the Mass of Christian Burial. The Director of Music and Liturgy, Joseph P. Wittmann, will guide you through the necessary steps to create a beautiful liturgy. Once you have looked at the following information please call Joseph at the parish office, 414-271-6180.

Readings and Petitions
Please read through the readings and petitions and select one from each section (C, E, G, H). Once you have made the selection please share that reading with the person you have selected to proclaim the reading at the funeral.

  Old Testament Reading: (C 1-11) View Readings  
  New Testament Reading: (E 1-15) View Readings  
  Gospel: (G 1-19)
(Read by Priest/Deacon)
View Readings  
  Petitions: (H 1-9) View Petitions  


Click to view the music list, which will assist you in selecting the appropriate music for the funeral celebration. View Music  

Family Participation
You may wish to invite people to participate in the funeral celebration.

Pall - Usually close family members or the Funeral Director (2-6)
   (Omit with Cremation)
Old Testament Reader
New Testament Reader
Petitions Reader
Gift Bearers (3)
Eulogy (optional)

Funeral Preparation Planning Form
Please use this form to record the choices that you made while planning your funeral liturgy.

View / Print Funeral Preparation Planning Form